Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Line

Eagle-eyed reader Tam recognized the line "My ethics are that I know this about myself" from my previous post as one I've used before from the movie Housesitter. This line just tickles me every time I hear it.

The next movie line up for consideration is:

"No matter what occurs, I WILL find you!"


Good luck to all.

In knitting news, my sock is coming along swimmingly.

Now that I'm in the home stretch, it's very cool to see a sock transforming right before my eyes. I definitely see more sock knitting in my future (including the mate to this one-ha!)

For Sproutie's 1st birthday, I gave him the raglan sweater that I've been saving for him.

***I can't seem to get the hyperlink right, so I will cut and paste the excerpt from my 2/27/06 post here:

""Next, I finally seamed up a baby sweater that I knit last fall. The pattern is the raglan sweater from The Baby Knits book by Debbie Bliss. And here is my shameful confession: it is knit with Rowan Cashsoft (57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Microfibre, 10% Cashmere). Please don't yell at me, I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I was still pretty inexperienced, and just blindly used whatever yarn the pattern called for. Now I know that cottons, acrylics, and wools are much more reasonable to use for children's clothing for washability if you want said child to wear the garment more than once in their lifetime. Perhaps I'll just put it on him for pictures. Or chalk it up to a learning experience when he spills green beans all down the front of it. But now that it's finished, it is quite snuggly and yummy and all those things that cashmere should be. So I have no choice but to enjoy it, don't you think? ""***

I knit it in size 12 months, but as you can see, he's got plenty of room to grow into it. He felt like a little teddy bear when I held him while he was wearing it. Enjoy these pictures of my sweet little man wearing his birthday sweater:

I love him so.


Tam said...

I don't know what that movie line is from but it reminds me of a similar one from "Princess Bride"

"Hear this, I will always come for you."
"How can you be so sure?"
"This is TRUE LOVE, do you think this happens EVERY DAY?"

Makes my heart aflutter just to think about it. sigh sigh sigh

msubulldog said...

Oh, I think every baby needs a little luxury item! :)

Stephanie said...

Are you kidding me with this movie line!?!?!? Last of the Mohicans baby!!! Oh my gosh this is probably the ONLY movie Daniel Day Lewis was good in. He seems kind of like a dork in real life but in this role with his indian flap... what a GOD.

Movie was ok, i like the theme music when they're climbing up the hill, but all I really remember is Mr. Lewis running around a lot... it's nice. Like chocolate. He's like that chocolate bar you've been saving all day... ok I'll stop. <3

mamma said...

Sproutie looks so cuddly in cashmere. *sigh* Why do babies grow up?

Angela Martínez said...

What an adorable sweater, made even more adorable by the kid inside it! Happy Birthday Sproutie!