Friday, June 16, 2006

We have a heel!

Congratulations to Teabird17 for winning the movie line contest from The Sixth Sense. I actually saw this movie six times at the theatre, I liked it so much. And it got to be fun knowing when the scary parts were coming and watching everybody jump. Definitely a classic. Though unfortunately, I think M. Night Shyamalan peaked early and has never lived up to the hype created by his first commercial success.

So Teabird17, if you would like to email me your snail mail address at, I will send your yummy candy prize on its way to you. You have also earned the right to steal the movie line contest winner ribbon from my sidebar and put it on your blog sidebar if you so wish. Well done!

The next movie line up for consideration is:

"I punched a totally innocent Hungarian!"


"My ethics are that I know this about myself..."

Remember to elaborate, y'all. Good luck!

In sock knitting news, we now have a heel, ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes on this thing of beauty:
Everyone told me that once I turned the heel of my first sock, I would catch the sock-knitting addiction. I must confess that you were all correct. Now I got to go get me sum more a'dat.


KSD said...

Teabird 17 is a great friend of mine --- yay for her! And congrats on turning the heel; it is a bit addictive. . .

Tam said...

I'm having a real "French, deja vue kind of thing" right now. See your own March 10th post. :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tam, You HAVE been paying attention. I just love this movie so much I thought I'd try it again. Brownie points for you.

Angela Martínez said...

Hooray for heels! Your croc is looking excellent! I just finished the second heel today and I'm already planning my next pair. :)