Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank You, Kim!

The mystery has been solved. The secret sender of the coveted JambaCard was Kim, who was my spoilee in the Knitting Vacation Swap. The card was sent as a thank you for the package I sent to her. How sweet is that? Thank you so much, Kim!

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning the movie line contest from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A lot of people have families like that. I myself married into one. The movie is so universal in that the loud, boisterous family could be from any country, not just Greece, and the characters still fit. So when you watch this movie you are also watching my in-laws in all their glory.

Much knitting has been happening here, but for whatever reason I'm having a real challenge trying to get blogger to display my pictures. Right now I'm working on teacher thank-you gifts. Nothing like leaving them for the last minute. I can't wait to share them with you. And the croc socks are slow but steady.

The next movie line contest up for consideration is one of my personal favorites, quoted randomly by me at odd moments:

"You parked in my driveway you're breakin the laaaaaw!"

Good luck to all.


Jennifer said...

I got around the blogger not posting picture things when I changed from explorer to Mozilla.

Sandy Cheeks said...

I can see that pic of Girlie and ZimDee on your blog without the "X" factor (lol).

She's B E A utiful! Please pass my compliments on to her, from her cousin Sandy Cheeks.

Marji said...

Katrina, your package should arrive tomorrow to you for the vacay swap. It was finished in time but needed blocking, and because of the heat and humidity here, took forever and two days to dry. Anyway, I hope you love it.

Stephanie said...

Unka Shaina I've heard you say this hilarious line MANY a time, but quite frankly I have NO idea where it's from! Clues please! :-) <3

Katrina said...

Marji, I'm sure I will love the package. I love surprises, and I've been very good to not peek at the link you posted on your blog.

Stephny, I do say that line a lot, don't I? It's silly, but it just cracks me up, the way HE says it in the movie. Who is HE? That will be the first clue. It's Mr. Jack Nicholson.

Good luck, everyone!

Stephanie said...

Ok, I'm not sure if you read past comments but I thought I'd give your movie line a guess because I have an idea of what it MIGHT be! I'll say Terms of Endearment, simply because I know that that is one of your all time favorites, and that line SO fits Jack's character in the film. Wow... that's most likely the longest sentence in the history of the world right there... heehee hope I'm right!