Friday, June 30, 2006


Congratulations to Jenni for winning the movie line contest from Titanic. Great movie, definitely some cheesy scenes and dialogue, but worth it anyway.

The next movie line up for consideration is:

"You said you loved me."
"I meant it at the time."
"Well what was it, a viral love? Kind of a 24 hour thing?"

I lurve this movie. There are many more classic lines where this came from if you can't quite place it. Good luck to all.

In baby news, Sproutie got a new toy apparatus:

He's learning to navigate very well in his new walker. The cutest thing is listening to him laugh as he chases his brother and sister in it. It buys me a good ten minutes of blogging or knitting time. I would have gotten one for home, but my house doesn't have the wide open smooth surfaces that my sister enjoys at her house. The sweet little guy hasn't shown much interest in walking, what with so many arms to hold him and take him where he wants to go. Now he's starting to see the value in becoming independently mobile. My baby is growing up! Look at this sweet smile: To me he seems to be growing every single day.

I'm still working away on my second Mock Croc Sock. Up to about four inches in progress. That's pretty good considering I don't have the Count around to help me with the babies at night so I could get some uninterrupted knitting time in. Here I have to do it while travelling in the car, or wait until Sproutie is napping, which is real hit and miss while we're away from home. But it's good to know that the knitting is there waiting for me.

Last night as I was preparing to go to bed, I went to go round up ZimDee, and I couldn't find him anywhere. After searching the house, I came back to guest room to find that he had been there the whole time, watching "de Gow" which is his name for the Incredibles.How did I ever miss him the first time?


msubulldog said...

Wow, he IS quite camoflagued there, isn't he? *grin*

(How did "de Gow" come to mean the Incredibles? Maybe I just haven't seen it enough . . )

Jennifer said...

Postcards from the Edge! I love Meryl Streep. The scene where she's supposed to be hanging from the edge of the building and then gives it away by throwing up her hands is priceless.

I can see why you missed him. Look at him, all covered in pillows! Too cute.

Luv2ReedGrandma said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! I can be there with you! I do think Sproutie is growing every day, too.

Tam said...

What sweet little pumpkins you have! Ya just wanna smooch em. :-)

My little boy calls The Incredibles "Kebbles". He loves it. He goes around saying, "That was totawy wicked!" haha

I hope sproutie does better than my oldest with the walker. I think it DISCOURAGED her from learning to walk "right". It was so easy to cruise around in her walker she didn't bother to learn to walk herself. Maybe if you go home and leave the thing at auntie's house he'll miss the mobility and decide to walk on his own?

Stephanie said...

I love watching Sprout in the walker thingy. He has a great time and it gives us a chance to make lunch or something. But then you just wanna hold and cradle him again.

How many times HAVE you seen the Incredibles Unka Shaina? wow.

mamma said...

Every kid has their own way of saying the Incredibles. My son calls them the "Credibles" and when he was Mr. Incredible for Halloween he called himself "Mr Credible" he's always very honest if that means anything. If he hit someone he'll tell you he did, so he does have a measure of credibility. So cute.

Love ZimDee in the bed. He looks very cozy. Don't you just want to freeze them and keep them forever this cute and small and sweet? (I know, spoken like a true crazy mother.)

alkacheltzer said...

thats cute